Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What'd you do with my candle?

CANDLES! What makes you think about? Winter, romance, relax and magic..!

The candles have always had a lot of meanings, in addition to their function to shed light. Observing their usage can be very interesting.

They have mythical and religious symbolism, are used for decorative purposes as well as practical but above all they are the symbol of light, of God and of good. In fact, all religions include candles somehow!

The Vampire Diaries
Even magic can not do without candles.. If you want to do a spell..well, you definitely need them!

A candle can be a great excuse to get that special someone..


RENT --> trailer here!!

Watch STARDUST trailer here!
 ..Or the opportunity to reach a Star!

Every special moment, with a candle, can be even more unique!

And we must not forget that this is already starting to talk about Christmas..! And what makes Christmas better than candles light?

..Hogwarts knows it better than anyone!

Did i make you want to put candles all over the house??

I have many suggestions for you!!

These are from Next!

You can buy this AMAZING Tealight holder from Next website! (20£)

What about this lovely candles set?
A perfect Christmas present!
A nice candle needs the right place!This lantern
is the perfect one! And it create beautiful light plays

White Christmas set
Red Christmas set

Very Vanilla Fragranced Votives (8£)

For other products from Next, check the website here!

From Crate&Barrel:

Tree Candle (9.89 EUR)

And last, but not least, some suggestions from IKEA! <3

All the Candles and Candlesticks in IKEA style! LOVELY!

Well, now that i used the word CANDLE like a million times, i can say goodbye! I hope that we will use them forever.. and don't forget to light a candle sometimes, to drive away negative influences, and to bring light in everyday!


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