Sunday, 4 November 2012

Place I Can Call Mine

Goodmorning starshines! I'm here with my cup of coffee, and i'd like to talk with you about something i think of almost everyday: MY BEDROOM!
I share it with my sister, so i'm not completely free to furnish it as i prefer.
That could seems silly, but a bedroom is not just a room, it's our place, where we can relax, think..or stop think! A place where you can find yourself after a bad day, or where you can wonder about a really great one! A place that reflect yourself!

Looking around websites i found a lot of pretty ideas, accomodations, decorating stuff.. and i love that!! Expecially the homemade ones!
I love to save pictures that i like the most, some of them for my future bedroom maybe, some just to dreaming on them! :)

For optimize space!! :)
Personal and WHITE: to relax completely
Clothes Paradise!
Sweet Style, it's one of my favourite rooms!! Love the colors!
About homemade stuff, this is simple to create..i know it's for a bath in this pic, but.. who cares?! :) It can give to your room a watery look!
White again! I'm seriously thinking about this color for my future room, all in white!! So peacefull!

Another solution for optimize spaces, and it's really convenient and cute!!

Optimize space, idea 3#: Colourfull and super personalized style! LOVE IT!!

Homemade speaking again, what about this amazing ideas?? I'll definitely do this!!

All these rooms are great, but the focal point is.. the BED! We all want a bed which is not only comfortable, but which has a kind of personality, it has to be unique! For the color, for the position ..for what characterizes us more!

Beside a big big window, dreamy!
Kind of zen style and with double function: always have a book at reach!
Like a dollhouse, romantic and sheltered.
The masterpiece of the room!
A Fairy One, it's not about the bed itself, but about the atmosphere

Combined and bright! With great coverlets of course!
For those who prefer more classy and elegant beds, there's a lot of choice too! These are for couples, or for who lives on alone, or for those who have access to a nice big room! :)

I'd really like to sleep here in cold days! Seems very warmy! You can have this sequin ruffle bed set for £40-£70 from!

This one makes me think about southern style, romantic and flowered! You can buy it from! (£30 - £60)
Simple, elegant, ..and white!! :)

Shades of purple give a sophisticated look to the room!

Like a cloud! Soft and cozy

Yellow! To wake up every day in a good mood!
Well, i give you a lot of ideas, but it's up to you!! How do you want your bedroom to be? Everything could be perfect, but remember the most important thing.. CREATE A PLACE YOU CAN CALL YOUR <3

TeaRoom Tips: Go on to find your perfect style!

Have a Lovely Day..and ENJOY your room! :)


  1. i was sharing room with my sis too, then she moved and yes i have more space but gosh do i miss those talk before sleep ;)
    lovely pictures. i'm in love with that closet paradise! so in love!


    1. i know what you mean! Probably i'll miss share the room too in the future (:
      Yees, the closet is amazing!! hehe!
      thanks for the comment! <3
      xx Zoe

  2. Great post. It made me feel like doing something different with my room again.

    1. i'm really glad to hear that!! :) i love changes! you should do it whenever you feel like!
      xx Zoe


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