Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Hair Care: HomeMade Remedies

Good Wednesday People!
Today i want to tell you some natural, bio and homemade recipe for take good care of your hair!

We don’t need to spend a lot of money in superduper magical products..we got everything we need in our kitchens!

Grandmas  are right! Old but Gold, Ladies!

So let’s start!

• Olive oil & Vitamin E:
 To nourish the scalp , massage it with a mixture composed of the contents of some capsules of Vitamin E combined with olive oil .
It should be applied to the skin previously moistened with lukewarm water.
If you can, leave the mixture to act for an entire night and make a mild shampoo the next morning.
Will serve to give a burst of energy that will fight the autumnal fall.

• Pineapple Juice & Potatos flour: If you have oily hair, after shampooing for a few minutes massaging the scalp with flour, potato starch emulsified with fresh pineapple juice .
Then rinse thoroughly.
Repeat 2-3 times per week.

• Vodka for a Super Shampoo:
To enhance the effect of any shampoo, add to the amount of product that uses habitually cold vodka and wine vinegar.
Is used to make hair shinier and brighter.

Also remember that white vinegar is an excellent remedy to disinfect the skin and have shiny and healthy hair.

• Aspirin against the Opacity:
With a mortar , pulverizing a dozen aspirins and pour into the bottle of shampoo.
It is a real cure for hair dull and lifeless hair.

• Anti-fall Coffee:
The massage with very concentrated lukewarm coffee, improves the conditions of the scalp and reduces hair fall.
You can do the same with the coffee grounds , provided that the massage lasts at least 10 minutes and the funds are lukewarm.

• Apple Juice for added Fullness:
Massaging your hair with fresh apple juice for a few moments after the final rinse .
Do it twice a week and you'll have a hair -bodied , lively and docile to every type of fold .

• Balsamic Vinegar for Shiny Hair:
To give particular shine to the hair, adopt this system: a cup of glycerin mixed with balsamic vinegar. Get your hair and wrap them with a warm towel. Hold on for a quarter of an hour, heating the towel when it is cooled or helping with the hot air from a hair dryer.

• Recipe for Moisturized Hair:
 Yogurt and fresh coffee grounds, mixed together and massaged on the skin, are a blessing to have hair soft and hydrated. To be repeated before the last rinse after every shampoo .
Replace the coffee grounds with a mashed banana and reduced to a soft mush if you give softness and vitality to dry hair and brittle (so that the flesh of the fruit does not stick to the hair filters the juice with gauze ).

• Lemon Juice to Disinfect the Skin:
Before any shampoo, it would be good to spend a bit ' of lemon juice on the scalp and along the entire length of the hair, avoiding the spikes.

• Oils to nourish Dry hair:
Every 15 days you make a pack of almond oil , coconut oil and castor oil in equal parts. Apply it to dry hair before shampoo .
Keep it on for at least 2 hours with a wet towel on your head and warm
This blend of oils restores strength and shine to the hair even more brittle and dull.

• Mineral water:
To remove traces of calcium, which is rich in water of many cities , making the final rinse with a glass of distilled water or mineral.
It will make your hair more shiny.

• Cocoa for Dull & Lifeless hair:
Cocoa, mixed with coconut oil until a soft dough is a great nourishing and regenerating the hair dull and lifeless hair.
Once a week massaging the scalp and hair with the mixture for 5 minutes , after every shampoo and before the last rinse .


As in all situations , the ideal is the right fit. This also applies to the conditioner, it is essential to decrease the electric charge and electrostatic , untangle the hair, making them soft and shiny , and return the natural oiliness if too dry . Excessive use , however , can increase the production of sebum and hair would be , therefore opaque and heavy .


My Personal Tips:

-       Use a wooden comb: it will reduce the electricity of the hair, and then the breaks.

-       Feed them! An healthy alimentation is really important for your hair too!

-       If they’re too damaged..Cut them! Spit ends do not heal! [Don’t open them, just cut them away!!] There is no miracle reatments..But in any case, this not involve slow hair growth, as it’s believed. It’s just a matter of aesthetics! Long hair are gorgeous, but only if they’re healty!


Lots Of Love

Healthy Food: Go Green!

Hello Lovelies!
We all know that fruits and vegetables are great for our health and our body needs them everyday, but not everyone likes them, or have enough time to cook or eat "right" everyday!
For these resons i started making smoothies! They're quick and ..Awesome! Lol
Just pick a color ..and mix it up!

Here's my GREEN JUICE! You can add whatever you like, as long as it's green! :)

Just add water.. And enjoy it! ^-^

Lots Of Love

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Good Day!

Hey everyone!

I spent all the afternoon, so far, learning this coreography LOL
Just for fun..i love to dance!
Anyway.. I'm a gymnastics coach, and this Sunday my gymnasts have a competition..for some of them, it's the first competition ever, and i'm SO EXCITED!!
Also, my first giveaway is going well, (Thanks Romwe!), aaand this morning i found the perfect lipstick.. Well, it's been a good day today :)
xx LotOfLove!